Convenience And Quality In An Easy To Use Pouch

pH Balance.
Chemical Processes.

What we stand for.


  • We pride ourselves on our purity standards at Elkiee. We go above and beyond to ensure your water is the cleanest you've ever had, without compromising taste. 
  • At Millennium NC Beverages, we refrain from any use of chemical purification and processing. Your water is guaranteed safe and clean to drink.


  • Elkiee is 100% pure artesian water with a pH balance of 7.8%. Our water is naturally preserved in aquifers beneath the surface of the earth. Thick sheets of glacier ice retreated from Wisconsin some twenty thousand years ago, leaving us with our water.
  • Elkiee is bottled and sourced in Wisconsin.


  • Elkiee water pouches come with a built-in straw. There is no need to poke a hole as you would do with ordinary juice packages. All you need to do is just tear and sip!
  • After you're finished with your Elkiee, the pouch flattens to a paper-thin flatness. No more bulky water bottles.
  • Elkiee pouches are freezable. Replace your yucky & chemical-filled freezer pouches with Elkiee! Not only will our pouch keep your meal chilled but once defrosted, it serves as hydration.
  • Clip the Elkiee pouch onto your backpack, lunch box, hiking clip or more.


A hashtag created by the team at Elkiee to remind us of the importance of travel, health, sustianability & supporting local business. 

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Use the hashtag #ElkieeTakesMe to share where you have traveled with hydration by your side.


Millennium NC Beverages

Why Elkiee?

  • Artesian water locally sourced from Wisconsin.
  • 100% Pure.
  • Freezable Pouches.
  • Takes up less space than a water bottle.
  • Refreshing taste.
  • Recyclable.
  • Non-GMO.
  • BPA-Free.
  • Packed under strict control by the FDA and DATCP.


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