Convenience And Quality In An Easy To Use Pouch


Millennium NC Beverages is female-owned and family-focused company.

Elzbieta Jasinski, the founder and CEO, started her company in 2013.


Hello! My name is Elzbieta the CEO of Elkiee Water, Millennium NC Beverages.

As a working mom, providing my family with clean, local and healthy products has always been my goal. I believe that these options should be accessible to every family and individual.

6 years ago I saw the need for a more convenient and clean beverage option. That’s when Elkiee was born. A lot of thought, hard-work, long hours and love was put into the production of our company. In 2017, my thoughts started to become a reality. 

In 2019, Elkiee started to make its way onto grocery store shelves and into the hands of many. Not only did children gravitate toward our easy-to-use water pouches and fun design but we saw a love for the product from hikers, boaters, active-families and travelers. I am proud to say that we are serving 40+ grocery stores throughout Wisconsin. We hope to keep growing, with ambitious dreams in the future to expand country-wide.

My family and I appreciate your support immensely! If you happen to stumble across our product, make sure to tag us on social media, write a review or email us:

Thank you for your support.

Millennium NC Beverages


Elkiee water pouches are locally sourced, packaged with purity in-mind and convenience at hand. We take pride in providing a clean and convenient option for every individual. 

Millennium NC Beverages